Are you ready to turn your passion into purpose?

Now more than ever, it’s important that we all be climate activists – doing everything we possibly can to force positive change. You’ve made the first step by coming here, now let us show you the rest of the way.


Join The Movement

Become a Member

Join or start a Regional Chapter

For more information on joining or starting a Regional Protect Our Winters Chapter please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator Emilie at


Be The Change

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint 20% each year. Eat less meat, take public transportation, buy an energy efficient car. Reduce your energy consumption at home: install solar panels, use energy smart appliances, change your light bulbs, take shorter showers.


Speak Up

The SECRET to talking about climate change

Talking about climate change can be hard. We make it easier for you through this explainer video that gives you tips and tricks on how to have effective climate conversations with family and friends.


#FridaysforFuture is a peoples movement following the call from @GretaThunberg to school strike. Greta requests that people strike infront of their closest town hall, every friday. With a sign, take a picture and post it with the hashtags #Fridaysforfuture, #Climatestrike, #protectourwinterscanada and #passionintopurpose.


Get Political

You high-five your adventure buddy after a great outing, why not high-five your MP or MPP when they’re taking great action on climate? It’s also important to advocate for change, so if your elected official is not a climate champion, tell them you’re disappointed and ask them why they’re on the sidelines or inactive on the issue.


Find Your MP

Member of Parliament – Federal

Find them here


Find Your MMP

Member of Provincial Parliament – Provincial

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Voting in municipal, provincial and federal elections is one of the most basic and fundamental ways to influence change. Millennials (approx. 1980-2000) are now the single largest voting segment in Canada (they have enough numbers to determine an election result on their own) and rank climate change as a top priority but, historically, have low turn-out on election day.


Here are some tips to make voting a priority:

  1. Confirm you’re registered to vote. If not, no worries – you can show-up at a voting station on election day with proper ID
    and vote.
  2. Add upcoming election dates into your calendar and share it with family, friends and colleagues. It can be a fun group outing and a way to hold each other accountable.
  3. Employers are obligated in Canada to give workers time off to vote, so arrange time off with your employer or better yet, plan a voting party for your entire company!

Be an Influencer

For the planet

Support companies that put the planet first


Fundraise using Facebook (great for birthdays or P2P campaigns) or CanadaHelps