Posted on: February 12th, 2020 by Protect Our Winters Canada

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  1. Nicolas says:


    This just can’t be… We have to get away from non renewable energies… We do not inherit land from our fathers and mothers, we are borrowing it from our childrens… That project is just a complete mess!

  2. Alan G. Whitney says:

    Have emailed Weiller and Wilkinson sedately. It is worth noting that Whistler’s summer temp has increased close to 3 degrees C already. Were this to happen to our Winter temp we would have little winter at all.

    Keep up the pressure, this has to be stopped, although would never be viable even if approved. I worry that an approval would bring individual climate action to a halt.

  3. Susie K says:

    This tool is amazing! It is a great way to help people advocate quickly and effectively!

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