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Just @#$%’n VOTE!

Posted on: October 16th, 2019 by Protect Our Winters Canada

With the federal election only days away, and strong polling data available in most ridings, it’s time to do some basic research now to ensure you know who to vote for on October 21, 2019.  Somehow (we don’t really get it), we’re dangerously close to electing a Conservative government in Canada! It sounds cliche but EVERY vote counts!!!!


Our #VoteForClimateCanada initiative was created to provide the outdoor community with the tools and information needed to identify and vote for a climate champion. To date, thousands of people have used the various tools provided and are now equipped to vote for a climate champion. Here are the four simple steps we’d recommend taking:

#1. Use our simple Climate Platform Report Card to better understand each party’s climate platform: Climate Platform Report Card

#2. Check-out the riding polling in your area using this site:   Use this information to identify the party that has the best chance of beating the Conservative candidate (this is strategic voting).

#3. Make a plan to vote. Pick a time on October 21 and add it to your calendar NOW!

#4. If your voting card didn’t arrive in the mail (it should have by now) use this link to register as a voter – Voter Registration.  Alternatively, you can also just show-up at the polls on election day with the proper ID – ID Required to Vote

If you’d like more information, we’d encourage you to visit our #VoteForClimateCanada page which has LOTS of great information!


Posted on: September 4th, 2019 by Protect Our Winters Canada

On September 27th, communities around the world will be mobilizing around climate action as part of the #fridaysforfuture Climate Strike Movement.

As outdoor enthusiasts we believe our love of adventure in nature demands our participation in the fight to save and protect it and we’re calling on all POW members to participate on September 27 (Global Strike).

Better yet, we have a challenge for you! You’ll need a poster to wave at the climate march right? And it’s always fun to get crafty with friends right? We’d like to encourage you to reach out to your local outdoor retailer to plan a Get Crafty for Climate party. It’s an opportunity for outdoor people in your community to come together to make posters and banners in preparation for the climate strikes. With minimal investment; some good markers, bristol board, tape etc., retailers can position themselves as a climate leader in your community and a gathering point for likeminded people. If you want to take it to the next level, reach out to your local brewery, restaurant or bakery and see if they’d be interested in partnering with you. It could be a really fun event and an opportunity to connect with people who share the similar values around climate!

Here’s what we’ll do to support you. Have your retailer email us by September 20 and we’ll send them a pack of POW stickers (for the signs and to give out) plus our Retailer Program Package; posters about POW’s mission, member sign-up sheets, stickers for their front door and counter. At the party, take some pictures and tag @protectourwinterscanada with #GetCraftyForClimate and we’ll enter you to win an amazing party at your local outdoor shop! Here’s what’s included:

  • Free beer from our friends at Fat Tire
  • Free pizza from our partners at Patagonia
  • POW Canada swag giveaways
  • Premier of Switchback Entertainment’s new film (to be released this fall) hosted remotely by POW Ambassador and Board Chair Mike Douglas (remotely hosted)

So…….get planning! Call, email or walk-in to your local outdoor retailer and explain the opportunity. We’re in the middle of a climate emergency and there’s no reason for individuals or businesses to stay on the sidelines – especially if they love the outdoors (besides this is the time of year when they really want people in their stores). We need all hands-on deck. It’s a massive challenge but do you never start a hike, run, ride, paddle or climb saying “I can’t do that”? Heck no!!!

The biggest mistake we can make is assuming someone else will do it. IF NOT YOU…..WHO?   or   1-833-POW-CANA


#GetCraftyForClimate Campaign Assets:





CLIMATE STRIKE: Fridays For Future Canada May 3rd

Posted on: April 30th, 2019 by Protect Our Winters Canada

Students all over the world are walking out of class 

In August 2018, 16-year old Greta Thunberg began making headlines by striking in solidarity for climate policy action. By herself every Friday, she would protest  greta thunberg instead of going to school. Fast forward to today and over 3000 Climate Strike are taking place all over the world.

Canada’s National Climate Strike is set to happen Friday, May 3rd

Students across Canada plan to join the movement this Friday with 197 Climate Marches taking place across the country!

Climate Strike Map

Lucky for us, Fridays For Future Canada has a fantastic website that shows you where the marches are taking place near you! Check out the interactive map on their site and join your neighbours along with the rest of the world! It’s time to stand up with our next generation – this planet is equally theirs as it is ours!

Smartwool Joins POW Canada as a Founding Partner!

Posted on: April 20th, 2019 by Protect Our Winters Canada

This will knock your socks off!

Our friends at Smartwool announced this week that they are coming on board and joining POW Canada as a Founding Partner. We are beyond excited to have them join and support the team.


Smartwool is an industry leading outdoor apparel brand and they are serious about sustainability. They pride themselves on pursuing perfection when it comes to using ethically sourced materials for their products. Learn more about their mission to achieve sustainable products and why it matters to them here.

Smartwool will be packing a heavy punch with their involvement with sports beyond skiing and snowboarding. This will help immensely with POW Canada’s mission to expand beyond snowsports.



Smartwool Pledges to Protect Our Winters

Vancouver, BC and Steamboat Springs, CO – April 30th, 2019– Smartwool has pledged to support Protect Our
Winters Canada (POW), a passionate community of enthusiasts, professional athletes and industry brands
uniting the outdoor community to address climate change.
According to POW, all other sectors of the Canadian economy have organized themselves in a way to hav

influence over policy decisions which are important to their industry. The outdoor industry in Canada is massive,
yet has never been organized in a way to have a collective voice and collaborative influence. POW’s mission it
to unite them and advocate for large-scale policy solutions.
“Smartwool believes in sustaining and preserving the awe-inspiring environment so that everyone has the
opportunity to experience the joy of the outdoors,” said Corey Stecker, Smartwool sales and marketing
director. “That’s why we are proud to support POW as one of our advocacy partner organizations that are
fighting to protect our most treasured places and fostering a love of the outdoors in future generations.”
The financial support from the Merino apparel brand
will help raise awareness of climate change issues as
well as fund Hot Planet Cool Athletes, a youth
education program. Hot Planet Cool Athletes is a 45-
minute multi-media in-school assembly focusing on
the athlete’s personal experiences in the outdoors,
and why they care so much, while providing an
overview of curicullium based climate science,
examples of what’s happening, and how students
can make a difference. Designed as a turn-key
assembly for both the athletes and the schools, it’s
available free to any school interested in educating
teens about climate change through an in-person,
energizing, and informational climate assembly aimed at empowering students to address global climate
“We believe the places we play should be protected now and shared with future generations ,” added Stecker.


We’re Hiring! Join Us and Turn Your Passion Into Purpose!!!!

Posted on: March 5th, 2019 by Protect Our Winters Canada


Thanks to our partners and donors, we’re in a position to add to our team. Currently, we’re seeking a Program Coordinator to lead the coordination of events and activations nationally.   For more information, including application process, please click here – POW Canada Program Coordinator


The North Face Joins POW Canada as a Founding Partner!

Posted on: March 1st, 2019 by Protect Our Winters Canada

Woot Woot! Guess who’s coming on board as a partner? That’s right, The North Face!  We’re thrilled to announce The North Face is officially a top tier partner of POW Canada! We’ll work closely with the Canadian arm of TNF who will support our efforts on climate change activism in Canada, and will help create and support regionally relevant initiatives for Canadians wanting to make a difference on the issue. Welcome TNF!



The North Face Canada signs on as Foundation Partner with Protect our Winters Canada

Montreal, QC – February 28, 2019 – The North Face Canada today announced its partnership with the recently established Canadian chapter of Protect Our Winters (POW), a not-for-profit organization poised to be a leader within the climate change movement. The nonprofit is a budding alliance of outdoor enthusiasts, social innovators, and outdoor-centric scientists dedicated to connecting passion for the outdoors with positive climate action across Canada.

By educating, advocating, and inspiring communities and stakeholders across Canada, The North Face Canada will support POW’s mission and further the brand’s ongoing work around climate change. The North Face Canada and POW Canada believe that our love of adventure in nature mandates our participation in the fight to save and protect it.

Since POW’s creation in 2007, its efforts have expanded to include the wider outdoor sports community, growing from a kernel of an idea into a worldwide network of over 130,000 supporters – a social movement designed to activate a passionate community and create the will for meaningful climate action across the globe.

“Extending the long-standing partnership between The North Face and POW by working directly with POW Canada will allow The North Face to better support POW’s messaging efforts on climate change activism, right here in Canada, and help create and support regionally relevant initiatives for Canadians wanting to make a difference on the issue,” comments Carl Bissonnette, The North Face Canada Marketing Manager.

“As a recognized leader in the outdoor industry, The North Face brings an important and influential voice to our efforts to create impact on climate policy in Canada. The exciting part for us is their commitment to jumping on board at an organizational level and using the skills and experiences of staff and the entire brand to further our mission,” remarks David Erb, Executive Director of Protect Our Winters Canada.


About The North Face® 

The North Face, a division of VF Outdoor, Inc., was founded in 1966 with the goal of preparing outdoor athletes for the rigors of their next adventure. Today we are the world’s leading outdoor brand, creating athlete-tested, expedition-proven products that help people explore and test the limits of human potential. We protect our outdoor playgrounds and minimize our impact on the planet through programs that encourage sustainability. The North Face products are available at premium and specialty retail sporting goods stores globally and we are headquartered in California on a LEED Platinum-certified campus. For more information, please visit


About POW

Protect Our Winters (POW) is a not-for-profit founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007. POW turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates and leads a community of athletes, thought pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders to affect systemic political solutions to climate change.

New Retailer Program!

Posted on: February 21st, 2019 by Protect Our Winters Canada

The success of POW Canada depends on our ability to build, mobilize and activate a large and passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts who are willing to lend their voice to a national movement for climate action.  As community-based businesses, retailers have a direct link to outdoor enthusiasts and can play an integral part in building the movement locally and nationally.

To tap this potential, we’ve created a Retailer Package available free of charge with everything a store needs to turn their clients into effective climate advocates. Included in each package is:

  • Two white POW Canada Die-Cut Stickers (one for your door and one for your check-out)
  • 2 POW Canada posters
  • 4 POW Canada sign-up sheets

We truly see outdoor retailers as a key partner in our mission. Ask you local retailer to join this free program by contacting us at