If we’re going to create the social movement we need to seriously address climate change, it starts with professional athletes and top tier creatives. Quite simply, they have the social capital, visibility and vested interest to push our message and agenda. Our ambassadors can impact our entire community and industry with incredible effectiveness by taking a complex issue and making it understandable and inspiring, then using their influence to mobilize millions.

The POW Ambassadors Alliance is a community of the most accomplished professional athletes and other influencers in Canada and the world, all committed to environmental leadership. We support each ambassador’s environmental activism and provide them with opportunities throughout the year to leverage their influence to create a social movement while serving to unite the outdoor community under once voice.

We work with each ambassador in a way that’s genuine and consistent with their interests and goals and we give them the tools and opportunities they need to create positive change. We also work closely with the team to help amplify POW  Canada’s actions and campaigns across their media and social networks, generating millions of impressions.


  • Mark Abma

  • Casey Brown

  • Tamo Campos

  • Haley Daniels

    Haley Daniels

  • Mike Douglas

  • Joshua Dueck

  • Todd Easterbrook

    Todd Easterbrook

  • Kate Ediger

  • Leah Evans

  • Will Gadd

  • TaylorGodber

    Taylor Godber

  • Alexi Godbout

  • Roz Groenwoud

  • Erik Guay

  • Brette Harrington

    Brette Harrington

  • Greg Hill

  • Reuben Krabbe

  • Kim Lamarre

  • Justin Lamoureux

  • Bruno Long

  • Izzy Lynch

  • Zoya Lynch

  • Karsten Madsen

  • Philippe Marquis

  • Ian McIntosh

  • Ashleigh McIvor

  • Craig McMorris

  • JuliaMurray

    Julia Murray

  • Meghann O’Brien

  • Spencer O’Brien

  • Meg O’Hara

  • Leanne Pelosi

  • Kye Petersen

  • Stan Rey

  • Gary Robbins

  • Marie-France Roy

  • Chris Rubens

  • Tobin Seagel

  • Anna Segal

  • Nat Segal

  • Kelsey Serwa

  • Yuki Tsubota

    Yuki Tsubota

  • Robin Van Gyn

  • Vaea Verbeeck

  • Kim Vinet

Mark Abma

Originating from British Columbia, Mark is one of the most popular free-skiers in North America. trained in mogul skiing before committing to park and half-pipe competitions, Mark seized the chance to ski for the largest film productions in 2003. He has been an MSP star for more than ten years, alongside appearances in Warren Miller and Poor Boyz Productions. Between two harvests of organic vegetables and collecting cooking oil to fill the tank of his 4×4, this exuberant skier has received discerning attention at the Powder Video Award for Best Male Performance, in 2005 and 2007.

Casey Brown

Revelstoke, BC

Growing up the youngest of five in the remote west coast of southern New Zealand, Casey was quick to take to an outdoor lifestyle that included gathering edibles from the sea and forest, to wrangling sheep and chickens. Her family moved to Revelstoke, BC when Casey was eleven years old and with that move came bigger mountains. During her first few years in Canada, Casey pursued competitive freestyle skiing. Mountain biking was more of a hobby in the beginning, something she enjoyed doing with her family. Casey’s brother, Sam – an accomplished pro rider in the early 2000’s – introduced Casey to riding early on. She soon found herself shifting her attention to the sport. In 2012 Casey’s had a breakout year when she won the Canadian Championships, Queen of Crankworx and 6th at her first DH World Cup. These performances cemented her path to the World Cup Circuit. Many podiums and successes later she is focused on film projects and riding in Crankworx events. She is beyond fired up to keep making a name for herself in the freeride world.

Tamo Campos

Tamo Campos is an environmental activist, film.maker and professional snowboarder who founded the group Beyond Boarding; a collective of snowboarders, artists, and activists that combine their love for the outdoors with environmental outreach and action.

A sponsored snowboarder since the age of 11, Tamo has chased steep mountains, riding competitions, and video parts for 15 years. In that time, his passion for the outdoors morphed into a mission for environmental justice. Whether it’s training communities about the power of storytelling and direct action, riding first descents into the Sacred Headwaters or leading environmental film projects, Tamo embeds himself in the community wherever he goes and is dedicated to combining social impact with his adventures in sport, activism and filmmaking

Haley Daniels

Haley Daniels

Haley’s story began with a paddle in her hand and a smile on her face. She grew up exploring Canadian rivers on canoe trips with her family and quickly fell in love with the thrill of fast-moving water and the hidden places it took her.

Haley’s been at the forefront of gender equality reform to push for equal opportunity in sport. As the multiple Canadian champion in women’s whitewater slalom canoeing and Pan Am Games Bronze Medalist, she’s pioneering a legacy towards Tokyo where women’s canoeing will make its debut in the Olympics.

When Haley isn’t paddling, you can find her running trails, skiing down mountains, or biking on roads and ridges to take in all the outdoors has to offer.

Mike Douglas

Whistler, BC

Mike Douglas has been called one of the 10 most influential freeskiers of all time. He, along with the members of the New Canadian Air Force, pioneered modern freestyle skiing and developed the first high-performance twin tip ski with Salomon back in 1997. Since then he’s won dozens of awards for his skiing, and has more recently added award-winning filmmaker to his resume. His company, Switchback Entertainment, produces documentary adventure films and the web series Salomon TV.

Joshua Dueck

Father of two little chaos machines and husband to a real beauty.  Former Canadian Paralympian; Paralympic, World and X Games Champion.  Executive Director for Freestyle BC.  Peer Mentor with Spinal Cord Injury BC

Todd Easterbrook

Todd Easterbrook

Todd Easterbrook is an award-winning, British Columbia based Photographer. Often working for
brands within the action, adventure and outdoor industry, he helps tell their stories through
visually-striking imagery.

Having spent countless days in the backcountry, numerous nights in the woods and weeks on
end in an RV, he is no stranger to working in extreme environments.

His work resonates with a large audience and is ever evolving. He is passionate about the many
genres that encompass his way of life; action sports, adventures and the surrounding

Kate Ediger

This Burton Ambassador is aspiring to be a full backcountry snowboard guide in Revelstoke B.C.  This mountain momma is fully dedicated to pursing her passions in mountains.   Just like all our athletes, her career depends on the wellness of our planet.  She feels that her job isn’t only to enjoy the mountains and the sea but to protect them as well.  With her family being the most important aspect of her life, the longevity and health of our planet is of her upmost concern.  Kate has so much positivity and enthusiasm when it comes to sharing how special life is and there is nothing she wants more than to share the experiences she had with her son Timber and those around her.

Leah Evans

Leah grew up on the slopes of Red Mountain Ski Resort surrounded by a supportive community and the beauty of Canadian mountains. As a professional skier, she helps women reach their full potential on skis through her Girls Do Ski camps. She currently resides in Revelstoke, British Columbia and uses her experience in the mountains to inspire others to expand their sense of what’s possible in their lives.

Will Gadd

Will Gadd is a prominent Canadian ice climber and paraglider pilot based in the Bow Valley.

Will is proud to represent the United Nations as a Mountain Hero.

UN Environment is partnering with the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation to boost environmental protection in mountainous areas, and they have elected Will Gadd as their new Mountain Hero.

The Mountain Heroes campaign selects extraordinary athletes from around the world who dedicate some of their time to raise awareness of environmental issues, in particular environmental protection of mountains, where early indicators of the effects of climate change are already becoming visible.

Some of his major accomplishments include:

  • Establishing the hardest mixed ice climbing lines in the world.
  • Setting the world distance record for paragliding. Twice. 423 km (263 miles) the second time.
  • Kayaking down dozens of first ascents across North America.
  • Winning the Canadian National Sport-Climbing Championships. Four times.
  • Winning three gold medals at the X Games. And the Ice Climbing World Cup.
  • Winning the US and Canadian Paragliding Nationals.
  • Flying my paraglider over the Grand Canyon.
  • Climbing icebergs off the coast of Labrador with Ben Firth.
  • Flying my paramotor across the USA with Jim Grossman.
  • Using supplemental oxygen to explore high carbon-dioxide caves in Thailand.
  • Ice climbing in underground mines in Sweden.
  • First one-day ascent of the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Robson. Solo.
  • Climbing big new rock, ice and alpine routes all over the world.

Taylor Godber

West coast based snowboarder spending winters in Whistler BC and the other half of the year on the move in search of waves. Taylor moved to Whistler in 2006 with the intention of staying for one year before heading off to travel the world and/or go back to school. She quickly fell in love with spending time in the mountains and extended her stay. The majority of her time in Whistler is spent in the backcountry, hunting out new objectives with her crew in their backyard, a place that yields endless opportunities for world-class terrain.

When not in the mountains her passion lies in logging as much time as possible in the ocean surfing. She juggles a career as an athlete and as an entrepreneur in the worlds of plant-based cuisine, art, holding wellness retreats, and freelance writing. Her heartfelt intention is to help raise the consciousness of the world be it through story-telling via the written word or imagery; or by direct action in sport and the integrity of which we live.

Alexi Godbout

Alexi is a skier and filmmaker residing in Pemberton, BC. The early parts of his skiing career were spent mostly in the park, competing in Slopestyle. He’s attended numerous high levels events such as X-Games, Dew Tours, Euro Open, US Open and many others. For the last 5 years Alexi has fully switched his focus to big mountain skiing and film making for Blank Collective Films. It’s been hell of a ride and a lot of mountain knowledge to learn, but he’s having the time of his life right now.

Roz Groenwoud

Squamish, BC

In the first women’s Olympic halfpipe competition, Canadian Rosalind impressively landed in seventh place. She has also finished in third place in both the 2010 and 2011 X-Games. In 2012, she would honor her friend and teammate Sarah Burke, who passed away in a ski accident, by winning the X-Games halfpipe gold. She still carries Burke’s name on her helmet in all competitions. Rosalind would go on to win silver in the 2013 X-Games as well. Currently, she is studying math and physics at Quest University.

Erik Guay

Erik is a Canadian World Cup alpine ski racer. Racing out of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Guay won the World Cup season title in super-G in 2010 and was the world champion in downhill in 2011, as well as in the super-G in 2017. With 24 World Cup podiums, he is the career leader for Canada.

Brette Harrington

Brette Harrington

Bold and determined, Brette’s approach towards climbing has always been an amalgamation of wonder, emotion and strategy. Brette’s brave, yet calculated first ascents and solos show her true grit – the stuff legends are made of. Among friends and family, Brette is loved for her genuine patience and sincerity, always inquiring about others rather than talking about herself. She is a well-rounded climber with a passion for freeing climbs. Despite being a technician with movement, Brette is known for her unique experience from living on a portaledge for nearly two years to her frequent midnight rappels in the alpine and her ability to improvise quickly. Her bold vision and creative choice of routes stimulate her soul.

Greg Hill

Greg Hill began backcountry skiing in 1995 and completely immersed himself in this sport ever since. His enthusiasm and endurance slowly separated him from the pack. Countless days spent skinning up hill, honed his skills till he has become one of the foremost ski mountaineers in Canada. Always pushing deeper into the unknown, be it his personal limits or an unexplored mountain side. He has hundreds of first descents around his home range in British Columbia, Canada, as well as South America, Norway and Pakistan.


Best know for when he climbed and skied 2 million vertical feet (609km)  in 2010, climbing 71 mountains (in both North America and South America). which earned him 

“Top 25 fittest guys in the world” Men’s Fitness 2011

‘Skiers of the Year” Skiing magazine 2011 

He was also “Adventurers of the Year” National Geographic Adventure 2006


He has accomplished many goals, be it climbing and skiing 50 000 ft in a day or his March Madness in 2014, when Greg climbed and skied 100 km, or 330 000ft up. It was all backcountry skiing, each day he visited a new area and never repeated any zone.


He has amassed well over 200 summits gained throughout the world.


Recently he has taken to deeply looking into sustainable adventure and exploring these realities. He has sold his F-350 and snowmobile, no longer heli-guides, travels to all his mountain adventures in an Electric car. and has now climbed 40 mountains without the use of fossil fuels.

Reuben Krabbe

Reuben Krabbe is a photographer whose studio is anywhere beyond asphalt. Living in Squamish, he works throughout BC creating images that encapsulate the beauty and ambition of life spent outside. Reuben works over the shoulder of film productions like SFTV, MSP, TGR, and his images are seen in the pages of most ski magazines. www.ReubenKrabbe.com @ReubenKrabbe

Kim Lamarre

The mountain has been at the center of Kim Lamarre’s entire life. She started skiing at the age of 2 and snowboarding at the age of 7. With her grandmother, Ginette “Gigi” Seguin, being an Olympian that represented Canada in alpine at the 1956 Cortina Winter Games, Kim started dreaming big at a very young age. She wanted to excel in a sport but she just didn’t know which one.

In 2001 Kim saw the skis movie “Propaganda” by Poor Boyz Productions. That’s where her passion for freeskiing started. She now had the dream of competing at the X Games. She achieved that dream when Women Ski Slopestyle made it’s debut in 2009. She also got her first medal in 2011, a bronze medal at the European X Games in Tignes, France.

To cap off an amazing 2011, the Olympics announced that ski Slopestyle would make it’s debut at the 2014 Sochi Games. Kim now had one goal ion mind: Follow her grandma’s footsteps and become an Olympian!

Sadly for Kim, she tore a ligament in her right knee both in 2012 and 2013. Consequently the Canadian Freestyle team decided that the Quebec freeskier wasn’t worthy of a spot on the team anymore.

Kim wasn’t ready to give up on her dreams and gave it her 120%. The hard work paid off. With the support of her family, friends and the community, Kim went on to have the best season of her life. A podium finish at the Dew Tour, X Games and Olympics. The three biggest events of the season.

Justin Lamoureux

With a do everything attitude, Justin is a pro snowboarder who has been to 2 Winter Olympic Games for halfpipe (finishing 7th in 2010), won the 2010 FIS World Cup Tour in halfpipe, climbed and rode all 30 mountains you can see from his house in Squamish, BC, is an ACMG splitboard guide, hand builds Spline Snowboards using bio based resins and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. An environmentalist from a young age, he has worked with the David Suzuki Foundation and Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and truly believes the saying “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. Justin is looking forward to once again helping educate people (and his son) about our impact on our one and only Earth.

Bruno Long

Born in New Brunswick, Bruno has lived the past 20 years in the mountains of the West. Currently based in Revelstoke, BC, he has been a professional adventure sports photographer for 7 years, basing a fair amount of his work around self-propelled sports like backcountry skiing, mountain biking and ultra running. With a creative eye for the little moments, he also like to think about the big picture, creating images where many times the landscape is the focus and the action is secondary. As an ambassador for POW Canada, he would love to help educate more people (including himself) on how to travel in an environmentally friendly way, create initiatives for more sustainable food practices and help our future generations continue to enjoy our beautiful winters.

Izzy Lynch

While most Calgary skiers Izzy’s age were riding the lifts and hitting gates, the Lynch family was busy building a backcountry lodge in British Columbia, an experience which fostered Izzy’s love for nature and big mountain skiing at a young age. Although Izzy did ski race and compete at an international level, it was that feeling of freedom that she found in the isolated mountains at the lodge that pulled her to build a life in the mountains. Now a mother, she shares those same values with her own son. As a storyteller, Izzy’s craft is to merge skiing with those kismet moments she has in remote areas, sharing different narratives of herself and others pushing their boundaries in films and writing. She wears many hats in the outdoor industry, merging all facets of her life – from backcountry skiing, coaching , motherhood and filmmaking, to collaborating with fellow athletes and volunteers as the Program Coordinator for POW Canada. She resides in Revelstoke, BC

Zoya Lynch

Zoya Lynch is an award-winning lifestyle and action sports photographer based in Revelstoke BC. She has earned recognition for her work with commercial contracts and featured photos in several reputable publications in the action-sports and travel industries. She was the winner of the 2014 Arc’teryx Deep Winter Photo Challenge in Whistler, BC. As both an athlete and an artist, Zoya’s camera has led her on expeditions to far-off mountain ranges in Kyrgyztan, Nepal, Alaska, New Zealand, South America and Europe, as well as the forests, streams and peaks that surround her home in British Columbia.

Karsten Madsen

Karsten Madsen is a professional Cross Triathlete began his career in traditional road triathlon & XC mountain bike racing before progressing into doing off road triathlon. Since going professional in 2014, he’s become a 5x Xterra Major title winner, 3x National Champion and placed 3rd overall in the 2016 & 2018 Xterra Pam AM Tours. In 2018 after two failed attempts at Xterra World Championships in Maui, he had a breakthrough performance and placed 7th. He now has his sights set on becoming Xterra World Champion. When he’s not  racing or training, he spends time coaching athletes to achieve their goals in sport. He also volunteers his time getting kids involved with triathlon.

Philippe Marquis

Phil Marquis is a Quebec City native who started skiing at the age of 2. Thanks to his parents’ cabin in front of Stoneham ski resort and to his big brother Vincent, Philippe developed a strong passion for freestyle skiing. Over the years, Marquis has developed as one of the very best moguls skier in the world and a chief rival of Kingsbury. The two shared the dual moguls podium at the 2015 FIS World Championships, along with teammate Marc-Antoine Gagnon, during what was the first ever sweep by a Canadian trio in the history of the sport.
Marquis is a fierce competitor with a positive outlook, two personality traits that helped him make his way to finals in the 2018 Olympic Games despite a torn ACL. His emotional journey to the Olympics captured Canadians’ hearts from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
Marquis’ lovable personality has made him a natural on camera, but has also proved useful as one of the veterans of the Canadian team over the past 12 years. “

Ian McIntosh

Squamish, BC

Ian started skiing at the age of two, learning to walk just two months prior. Growing up in a small ski town near Banff, CA, Ian knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life: ski. After high school, he moved to Whistler, where he and several ski friends would live for a year. Following a ski bum year, he traveled to New Zealand to follow the snow and his passion. Since then, he has competed on the Freeride World Tour and has been featured in multiple ski films. For Ian though, “It’s all about being in the powder.”

Ashleigh McIvor

Ashleigh is a retired Canadian skicross Olympic Gold Medalist & World Champion. Following her retirement announcement, Ashleigh is no busy with speaking engagements and appearances for sponsors, partners and charitable organizations, as well as freeskiing and mountain biking for various videographers and photographers.

Craig McMorris

To have one world-class snowboarder from the prairies of Saskatchewan is pretty rare, but two?

As the elder statesman of the McMorris brothers, Craig is a veteran of the Canadian snowboard scene after first stepping on a board at the young age of 11.

Like any true older brother, Craig has been a mentor to his younger sibling over the years, teaching Mark a few tricks along the way.

Craig McMorris ‘sends it’ at all times with a personality as big as the tricks he stomps. But beyond the antics on and off the hill, Craig is all business and is a regular commentator and contributor to CBC Olympic coverage as well as ESPN’s Winter & Summer X Games.


Julia Murray

Born and raised in Whistler, Julia Murray is a ski cross 2010 Olympian, daughter of Crazy Canuck Dave Murray, mountain biker, runner, and loves adventuring in her backyard
She’s also the ‘80/20 Plants’ program spokesperson + coach, and the vegan blogger, holistic nutritionist, and certified plant-based chef behind  Hooked on Plants. 
She’s named one of Canada’s top vegan athletes, and is certified as a Main Street Vegan lifestyle coach.
She’s also co-founder of medicinal mushroom company, Stay Wyld Organics and co-creator of the Whistler Vegan Fest!

Meghann O’Brien

Meghann O’Brien is an indépendant backcountry snowboarder and Northwest Coast native artist based in Vancouver, BC. She has most recently been featured in the environmental snowboard films The Little Things (2014) and The Radicals (2018). Her multi faceted perspective is based on personal experience and touches the areas of athletics, indigenous environmentalism, fashion, and art. She focuses on the relationship between the body and the earth, and advocates a wholstic approach to snowboarding that includes cultivating relationship with the places we visit as snowboarders. Meghann’s main focus is on her path as a weaver and connection to culture. Her work can be viewed at www.meghannobrien.com or on instagram.

Spencer O’Brien

Spencer O’Brien was born in Alert Bay, BC. At the age of 4 her family relocated to Courtenay where she spent every winter at Mt.Washington learning to ski and snowboard with her family. She spent her adolescence competing at local events around BC with her older sister Meghann.

Spencer has been a fixture on slopestyle podiums for the past decade. She won Transworld’s Rookie of the Year in 2008 and has gone on to win 6 X Games medals, one of them being Gold in 2016. She is a 2x World Champion and a 2x Olympian for Team Canada.

Coming from a small aboriginal community and being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013 have pushed Spencer into working closely with Nike N7 and Arthritis Research Canada.

Meg O’Hara

Meg grew up in an avid ski family in Ontario and moved to BC when she was 17 to be closer to the mountains. Following her graduation from UBC, Meg’s passion for skiing took her on trips around the world before settling down in Squamish to start her career as an artist
Meg is a landscape painter with a focus on the ski industry. She is most known for creating custom paintings for ski resorts, heli-lodges and ski chalets.

When she’s not skiing or painting she can be found hiking, kiteboarding, mountain biking or surfing along the West Coast.

Leanne Pelosi

Considered one of the most well-rounded professional snowboarders in the world, Leanne has won Snowboarder & Transworld Magazine’s esteemed Female Rider Of the Year Award, Transworld Reader’s Choice Award and appeared on the 2014 ESPN’s Top 50 Women of Action Sports list. With over 10 video parts in Standard Films, Misschief, P.S., and two of her own previous produced Runway Films movies, she is at it again producing and directing her third film ‘Full Moon’ with some of the best backcountry women on the planet. In her down time, you will find her in Oregon at High Cascade Snowboard Camp as a signature session’er and exploring the west coast, camping in her BigFoot camper with her fiancé Jeff Keenan and their dog Keita.

Kye Petersen

Kye Petersen is 28 years old and has been a professional skier for 14 years. Growing up in Whistler BC as the son of big mountain skiing pioneer Trevor Petersen, Kye was drawn to a love for the mountains and to a progression of backcountry skiing from ski mountaineering to freestyle and freeriding. By being surrounded by like-minded mentors and professionals as a kid Kye spent much of his time hiking around the backcountry of Blackcomb and honing his mountain skills on mountains from Chamonix to Alaska. Following that, Kye competed in multiple freeride contests and filmed many film segments most recently noted ‘Numinous’ film which he produced alongside Dendrite Studios and was awarded Movie of the Year at Powder video awards 2017 as well as Skier of the Year by Freeskier magazine.

Kye continues to make surfing, climbing, biking, skating and skiing the mainstay of his lifestyle and advocates protection of our oceans and land around the south coast of BC by being a voice bringing awareness to issues related to the world’s climate change crisis. He currently resides in Pemberton BC where he works with a new ski shaping company to be launched this fall…’Kye Shapes’ built by ‘Foon Skis’ where they aim to build the best product,  implement new designs, shapes and materials to the ski building industry in an effort to lessen our impact on the planet and improve the quality of ride on snow. Kye also works deeply with Patagonia, Buff Neckwear and Oakley Eyewear. Working with POW is a great opportunity to help share what Kye cares about and why it’s so important for everyone regardless if they do or don’t spend time on snow or in the ocean. Kye hopes to inspire future generations to care about our environment and make a difference simply because they can.

Stan Rey

Stan Rey took his technical background in ski racing and skicross to the back-country, where he now enjoys chasing powder and busting backies off any drop you care to point out to him. Stan’s winters now revolve around filming for BLANK and Salomon Freeski TV. He skis fast, sends hard and is dedicated to spreading his new religious movement: #backysunday and to make this planet we call earth a better place, so his kids, grandkids and generations to come will be able to enjoy the amazing wintery mountains just as he did.

Gary Robbins

Gary is an ultra distance trail and mountain runner based in North Van, BC. His passion lies in covering vast distances under his own steam, non-stop and often without sleeping over multiple days. The more mountainous, remote, arduous and challenging the better. He has established many course records and “fastest known times” over the years and he still holds the 100 mile record for the Hawaii HURT 100, known as one of the most difficult 100’s on the continent. Gary is the only ever Canadian finisher of the notorious Colorado based “Nolan’s 14ers” route and in 2015 he lowered a historic record time around Mt. Rainier by over two hours, becoming the first person to circumnavigate the entire volcano in under 19 hours. He often goes to Tennessee in the springtime to thrash about the bush in the hopes of eventually becoming an official Barkley Marathons finisher.

Marie-France Roy

Marie-France Roy grew up in Quebec, Canada, and began following her two older brothers around the local resort on a snowboard at 11 years old. A love for snowboarding influenced her move to Whistler, British Columbia, and she has been happily living the life of a professional snowboarder for over a decade. From her early competition experience at the X Games to her more recent back-to-the-mountains approach, Roy has traveled the world while enjoying the ride. Known for being one of the most stylish and versatile riders in snowboarding, Roy is also recognized for her humble and giving nature. She is the recipient of the 2015 Climate Activist Award from Protect Our Winters and TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine. Roy divides her time between Whistler and a self-built, environmentally-minded cob home on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Chris Rubens

Revelstoke, BC

Truly dedicated to the mountains and passionate about movement in them, Chris spends majority of his time self-propelling in the backcountry and putting down beautiful lines for both film and photo projects. Lately his pursuit of adventure has become year-round; creating quality climbing, running, hiking and bike content. An impressive athlete, a strong chapter, a funny personality- Chris stories resonate with audiences because they are a window into an amazing life. He spends most of his winters collaborating with Salomon TV, MatchStick Productions and Sherpas Cinema. Between trips you can find Chris at home in Revelstoke, BC the perfect backyard for endless opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

Tobin Seagel

Squamish, BC

Tobin was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC. He was taught to compost before it was cool, and spent his summer vacations exploring retreating glaciers with his geologist parents.

He’s stoked to join the POW Riders Alliance, as an athlete and as a professional working in the environmental field. He’s been on ski expeditions to some of the most remote places on earth and has observed the direct impacts of climate change.

Outside of skiing Tobin is a professional biologist, with an undergraduate degree in Resource Conservation and a Masters degree in Environmental Design. His work involves analyzing the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of energy development. Through Tobin’s actions and involvement with POW he hopes to inspire people to enact the changes we need to make in our interactions with the environment.

Anna Segal

Whistler, BC

Anna is a professional skier from Melbourne, Australia. She competed on the international freeski circuit in slopestyle for 10 years and made her debut as an Olympic athlete in the 2014 Winter Olympics. She won gold in the 2011 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships and X-Games 13. The Olympics would be the end of her competitive career though, as she made the switch to filming. She now resides in Whistler, BC, where she challenges herself in the backcountry.




Nat Segal

Born and bred as a skier in Australia’s Victorian Alps, since 2010, Nat has been traveling the world as a top competitor in freeride skiing events, including the Freeride and Freeskiing World Tours.

Nat is known for her high energy, adventurous spirit and driven personality. It is these attributes, as well as her proactiveness in the media and her passion for skiing that has found her travelling the world working on a range of projects. This includes filming with Shades of Winter (2014) and co-organizing and participating in the Shifting Ice and Changing Tides Expedition to Greenland, for which she received a National Geographic Young Explorers grant.

Based in Chamonix, France, Nat continues to progress her freeride skiing and ski mountaineering skills.

Kelsey Serwa

Kelsey Serwa started skiing as soon as she could walk.  With her grandfather, Cliff Serwa co-founding Big White Ski Resort in the early 1960′s it was inevitable that Kelsey would lead a life greatly influenced by the skiing community.

From the age of six Kelsey progressed from level to level in the Alpine world and in 2008, was named to the Women’s National Development Team for Canada. Embracing opportunities, the avid alpine racer made the decision to try something new and transitioned to ski cross in 2009.  She took the World Cup ski cross tour by storm, making a name for herself instantaneously and earning the prestigious “FIS Rookie of the Year” award.

With an entire community of family, friends, teachers and sponsors supporting her, Kelsey has earned 18 World Cup podium finishes, is an Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, World Champion, 2-time X-Games gold medalist, 2-time Olympian, 2-time National Champion, 2-time South American Champion, and University student. Kelsey is the only Triple Crown winner,  encompassing victories at the Olympics, World Championships and X Games. She is also the only ski cross athlete in the World to win multiple Olympic medals.

Yuki Tsubota

Yuki Tsubota

I am a 25 year old skier from Whistler BC. I was raised in Whistler by my mum, started skiing at the age of 3 and am very lucky to still be able to call this home. I started out as a mogul skier competing nationally and at Norams. After seeing Jen Heil win the 2006 Olympic Gold in Moguls I decided that was what I wanted to do and represent Canada at the Olympics, but in the spring of 2011 it all changed when slopestyle was announced an Olympic event. At that time I was beginning to lose interest in moguls so I made the switch to slopestyle and things moved fast from there, I was on the provincial park team for one year and the next thing I know I had made the national team. It was a dream come true and going to the Sochi 2014 Olympics became that much closer and eventually a reality.

Representing Canada at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi and 2018 in Pyeongchang were both unforgettable experiences, placing 6th at both. Walking into the opening ceremonies wearing the Canadian leaf were my favorite moments there and the moment it really hit me that I made it to the Olympics. I am currently competing on the World Cup circuit with the Canadian National Team, while sneaking in as many days in the backcountry as I can.

Robin Van Gyn

Growing up on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Robin has always lived outdoors and has spent the majority of her life on the ocean and in the mountains. With a strong attraction to the immenseness of mountains, she embarked on a professional snowboarding career at 21 and focused her sights on filming in the backcountry where she still lives out her snowboard life. Split between the mountains and the ocean, Robin lives on Vancouver island in the summer and in the Coast Mountains all winter making sure she is getting the most of both worlds.

Over a 10 year career in Snowboarding Robin has appeared in over 7 films including most recently TGR’s Far Out, Depth Perception, and Runway Films’s Full Moon. She has been at the forefront of female backcountry snowboarding and has earned two Transworld Snowboarding “Womens Video Part of the Year” awards in 2016 and 2017 as well as being nominated for Rider of the Year. Alongside professional snowboarding, Robin is also a guide at Baldface Lodge, educates in avalanche safety and is the founder of the Lay Back Weekend which benefits environment, community and cancer awareness. Decicated to being outside and bringing others out there with her to enjoy it has peaked her interest in making moves and joining POW to help protect the planet she loves and enjoys for the next generations.

Vaea Verbeeck

Vaea was born in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and grew up in Quebec, Canada from the age of three with her mom and older sister. In her late teens she bumped into a new group of friends while snowboarding and they introduced her to mountain biking the following summer. Vaea was fully on board then and tagged along her friends to hit some local downhill races. The learning curve was quick and although Vaea faced her share of injuries through the process, she became one to watch at Downhill World Cups. 
In recent years, Vaea has shifted her focus from Downhill World Cups to the Crankworx World Tour. A mountain bike series hosting all sorts of mountain bike disciplines, from pumptrack, dual slalom, air downhill, whip off and downhill races. She has since been working at getting better at other riding disciplines to better her chances at success in the overall race. Vaea was crowned the 2019 Queen of Crankworx winning the overall title, and is set to keep her progression going. Her progression as a rider doesn’t end at races either. Vaea has developed a love for big jumps and freeride outside of racing. Being an all around skilled rider and keeping things fresh all through the year has been her favourite change in recent years. 

Kim Vinet

Revelstoke, BC

Kim Vinet is a professional freeskier living in Revelstoke, BC. Though chasing pow and pillow lines has led her to pursue competitive freeriding and ski guiding, her background lies in Energy production. One chairlift ride with Kim, and you will realize the passion that drives her in sport also drives her professional life. Her love of the outdoors led her to study Earth & Atmospheric Science, which ironically led to work in petroleum development. Always having a connection with the environment, Kim used this opportunity to learn regulation and government policy and slowly transitioned to Renewable Energy production (all while traveling the world on her skis). These days, she is excited to have skiing as a platform to connect with other passionate folks and advocate for this big, beautiful planet we live on.



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