Protect Our Winters Canada is a passionate community of enthusiasts, professional athletes and industry brands uniting the outdoor community to address climate change. We believe our love of adventure in nature, demands our participation in the fight to save and protect it.

Protect Our Winters was formed in 2007, by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones. He found that more and more resorts he’d always counted on for good riding were closed due to lack of snow. Something was clearly going on. He felt the need to act. But organizations focused on mobilizing the snowsports community on climate didn’t exist—there was a gap between the impacts that climate change was already having on our mountains, and any organized action being taken to address it. And so he founded Protect Our Winters.

Since then, the movement has grown to include the wider outdoor sports community. Their playgrounds and livelihoods also depend on healthy winters. Protect Our Winters has grown from a kernel of an idea into a worldwide network of over 130,000 supporters – a social movement on climate, designed to activate a passionate community and create the will for meaningful climate action across the globe.

It’s a daunting challenge, but we like challenge. We get to help dictate the outcome right now. If not, we won’t be worried about powder days, tourism or having fun. We’ll be worried about the stability of our environment, our jobs and our economy. We all have unique skills, gifts and experiences to contribute. Please consider how you can get involved with Protect Our Winters Canada to further our share mission for climate action.

Board & Staff

Protect our Winters Canada is governed by a board of directors who are responsible for the strategic direction and overall governance of the organization.


Mike Douglas, Chair

Mike Douglas has been called one of the 10 most influential freeskiers of all time. He, along with the members of the New Canadian Air Force, pioneered modern freestyle skiing and developed the first high-performance twin tip ski with Salomon back in 1997. Since then he’s won dozens of awards for his skiing, and has more recently added award-winning filmmaker to his resume. His company, Switchback Entertainment, produces documentary adventure films and the web series Salomon TV.


Marie-France Roy, Vice Chair

Growing up at the foot of Mount Éboulements in Quebec, Marie was always surrounded by snow. Like most kids, Marie started on skis, but at the age of 11 she switched to snowboarding after seeing her older brothers ripping down the mountains.

Since then, Marie has made appearances in X-Games and the Abominable Snowjam, while still filming video parts. She has been awarded TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Woman Rider of the Year, Women’s Reader’s Choice, and the Women’s Video Part of the Year. Marie has also worked on a non-profit snowboard documentary called ‘The Little Things.’ Being known for her sustainable lifestyle, she focused the movie on balancing life with the environment.


Daniel Scott, Treasurer

Professor, University Research Chair and Director, Master of Climate Change Program, University of Waterloo. Daniel’s current research program focuses on the human dimensions of global environmental change, climate and society, and sustainable tourism.


M-J Legault, Secretary

As one of mountain sport industry’s leading marketing strategists and co-owner of Origin Design & Communications, M-J Legault is the driving force behind several mountain sports and destination marketing campaigns. Legault holds a degree in Marketing from Concordia University and has worked in ad agencies based in B-C, Colorado and Vermont, never straying far from the mountains that inspire her. Legault has worked with brands such as Salomon, TNF, Jay Peak Resort, Taos Ski Valley, Lululemon and Whistler Blackcomb. After a stint at Origin’s Whistler office, Legault saw the potential for expanding the Origin brand and, in 2002, she piloted her motorcycle east and opened an office in Montreal, where she now lives.  MJ is a frequent speaker at conferences for The National Ski Areas Association, Mountain Travel Symposium, The National Parks and Recreation Association and the Outdoor Industry Association.


Sven Sandahl 

International Outdoor-Ski and Action Sport industry veteran – Serial entrepreneur – Philanthropist – Global network Passionate about Planet/Climate + Water + Poverty + Food/Health + Education + Indigenous peoples/Elderly + Life. You’ll most likely find him in Whistler / Hanalei Bay / Fjällnäs / Malibu / Patagonia.


David Erb, Executive Director  

Dave has extensive management experience in the business and charitable sectors in Canada. He’s passionate about skiing, environmental stewardship and seeing POW Canada grow to have significant impact on climate policy in Canada.